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Title: Rules
Post by: Arcadia171e on September 24, 2013, 02:12:29 pm

1. NO griefing, ever..

Breaking blocks, then putting them back is STILL griefing...
There is no excuse to grief.
Breaking blocks of other players.
Placing buttons / pressure pads etc to open doors , IS GRIEFING!
Building within 10 blocks of someone elses blocks without permission.
Building in a town without permissions.
Tunneling under or building over peoples stuff.
All count as griefing and you will get banned.
Mining in someones mine does NOT count as griefing.
If they have built something in the mine that you break etc etc, that will be griefing.
Griefing is a global ban offence, so just don't do it.

2. No 1x1 2x2 or 3x3 sky towers that lead to nothing.
Making such towers to aid you in building you're house or whatever is fine, as long as they get taken down when you are done.

3. Try not to leave floating tress.
Floating tress are very ugly. If you have no needs for saplings please replant them for others.

4. Admins and mods aren't slaves.
We are here to moderate the chat, fix and ban griefers. In between that we build and PvP too. We aren't here to TP you around, or spawn you items. Constant asking will result in action being taken.

5. No swearing or abuse / racism in chat.
Many young people play this game, swearing and being abusive a lot in chat , as well as raging over whatever , will result in bans being handed out. Racism is grounds for a global ban, so don't make me use it.

6. No Client mods.
The use of any client mods other than minimap will result in bans. No flying, xray or any other hacks are to be used , ever. There are many anti cheat plugins installed on Blockaddicts as wel.

7. Do not constantly ask for ranks in chat.
If you feel you would be a suitable mod, and would like to spend time fixing griefs. Then apply on the forums, spamming chat with * give me mod* will get you banned. Getting the mod rank will only happen if you use Team speak.

8. Do not accuse people of hacks / cheating.
Don't just rage in chat about some one hacking. Get evidence, take pictures or videos ./tell a mod or admin to TP to u to watch them if needed. Then make a forum post under the *Ban Requests* Section.

9. Do not spamm the chat.
Spamming chat is bad, means people can't properly communicate . Spamming is highly annoying and will get you banned pretty fast.

10. Do not advertise other servers, or other servers websites, or inappropriate sites.
Pretty simple rule there, don't put links to other servers or websites or teamspeaks, no links to porn or hacks either please or bans will follow.

11. No building racist / nazi / inappropriate structures or signs.
Building giant letters of swear words, nazi symbols etc etc or links to anything bad will get you banned.

12. No making buildings / redstone / anything that causes server lagg.
Making anything or doing anything that has no other purpose other than to cause the server to lagg will be removed.
Bans / temp bans will be given out.

13. Do not tell the admins or mods what to do.
Telling the mods / admins to kick / ban *bla bla* all the time or anything like that will just get you temp banned.

14. Do not impersonate server staff
Doing this is pretty much an instant ban. So don't

15. No door glitching.
Using the door glitch to get inside peoples houses and towns will be met with temp bans / perm bans.

16. Logging out and in to avoid falling damage.
Do not do this, I class this as an exploit / cheat, I will take action if people use it.

Town rules :

As well as the main rules there, towns have a few extra rules

If you live in a town, you must follow the town rules set by the leader.
Not following the town rules means you can be kicked out of the town by that leader.

If you get removed from a town you must be allowed to take down you're house and move you're chests.
You have 3 days to do this, if not, the town leader has the right to take it down them self, and an admin will remove you're chests.

To be a town you must :
Build a decent sized wall around it. Admins may assist you in making the wall if they wish too.
Have a notice board near the main entrance. Showing clearly, the leader, who lives there, and the rules.
Each building must have a sign at the door, saying who lives in it , who owns it or what the building is.

Upon meeting all these it will be considered a town, and will be treated as such.
Title: Re: Rules
Post by: MineCrafter414 on September 24, 2013, 11:29:08 pm
So the only minecraft mods we are able to use are the ones like minimap, the crafting guide, and TMI(I dont think it spawns items unless you are a certain rank), etc.?
Title: Re: Rules
Post by: Arcadia171e on September 24, 2013, 11:35:16 pm
Yeh you can use those, since they don't work unless you have spawn power.
Title: Re: Rules
Post by: MineCrafter414 on September 25, 2013, 01:36:52 am
Alright, thanks.
Title: Re: Rules
Post by: Fentaur47 on September 25, 2013, 02:49:45 pm
If you have VIP permission you can actually modify the TMI file to be /i instead of /give. But it registers as a server command anyway so if you don't have permission it won't let you use it.