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Rank Descriptions
« on: September 27, 2013, 12:09:32 am »
WARNING: Do not play the game for the sole purpose of gaining ranks. The server is about community and building. Ranks are meant to be goals that you must work to prove yourself ready for, not just a new set of commands. Your application will be denied if you are playing just to gain ranks.

This is the default rank on the server. It is limited in features and commands, but has enough for new users to feel welcome.

Guest Commands:
spawn, warp, home, sethome, me, list, rules, help

Regular is the second available rank. There are few differences in commands between Guest and Regular. Regular is usually granted within a short time of playing on the server. Can make shops, and use signs + many other features guests can't use.

Regular Commands:

Trusted / Builder
These two ranks are equal in commands and respect, but are gained with different reasons. To gain Trusted, one should be active within the community and help those who need it. To gain Builder, users should be experienced in building structures within the server. If applying for Builder, please include screenshots of your structures in the application. These ranks gain no new commands, but are able to use lava buckets and are capable of setting more than one home.

A trial-moderator is someone who has dedicated a lot of time to the server. This rank changes gameplay dramatically. This is the lowest position in which a user is considered to be staff.

Trial-Mod Commands:
feed, heal, kick, tempban, tpa, tpahere, tp, tphere

After some time as a Trial-Mod, members may be promoted to full Moderator status. Moderators are the police of the server, ensuring that rules are followed. You should not directly apply for this rank.

Moderator Commands:

Super-Mods are highly respected moderators who have done well in their time on the server. Super-Mods are allowed to fly.

Super-Mod Commands:
fly, super pick

Administrators, or Admins, are highly trusted and respected moderators who have earned one of the highest positions of all the staff. Applications for this rank are very unlikely to be accepted, and it should only be applied for after several months as a staff member.

Administrator Commands:
gamemode, world edit, and many more.

This is the highest obtainable rank on the server. After several months as an administrator, this rank can be applied for. Super-Admins have complete authority and must be obeyed at all costs. There are no differences in commands between admins and super-admins.

This is Arcadia, the founder and owner of the server. The Founder has access to every command available. This rank cannot be applied for and will not be given out to anyone under any circumstances. The Founder's word is law, and you will be punished if you go against it.

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